FUTURES is a social enterprise, created by The Resource Exchange (TRE), a Colorado Springs non-profit, that partners with people who have developmental delays or intellectual and/or developmental disabilities (IDD), to support them in achieving the life they want to live. Intellectual and developmental disabilities include autism, Down syndrome and cerebral palsy, among many others.

TRE’s programs are designed to partner with individuals throughout the course of their lives. The FUTURES social enterprise provides support at a crucial time in a person with IDD’s life, between the ages of 18-21 when access to services changes dramatically. It is at this age that many people with IDD “fall off a cliff.” Most of them end up living at home or going to a day program or care center.

People with IDD have an 80% unemployment rate. Most people with IDD who do work, work part-time and for less than minimum wage. FUTURES embraces the reality that people with IDD, once provided the opportunity to aspire, will create a far greater quality of life for themselves and bring incalculable value to the community.

The traditional system of services focuses on what a person can’t do. FUTURES invites people with IDD to dream, plan and create a future of their choice, just like everyone else. FUTURES demands that people with IDD be treated like every other high school student, looking at the rest of their lives with excitement and possibilities.

At FUTURES, our client’s decide what course they want to take. We walk alongside them to help them explore, plan and prepare for a career of their choice. Then, we’ll accompany them in the workplace with a one-on-one partnership, ensuring a successful transition and integration with their fellow employees.

We work with our business partners to prepare their workplaces with workplace modifications and employee inclusiveness training, to ensure a successful experience for everyone involved. We’ll also educate your staff about disability etiquette so they have the tools for a successful team environment.

Mission Statement

FUTURES partners with individuals with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities or developmental delays to support them in exploring, discovering and charting the course for their future.

Vision Statement

To become the leading organization in Colorado, supporting people with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities or developmental delays, chart the course for their own future, while raising the social and economic consciousness of the communities they live in.

Rachel Tomlin

Director of Operations

Rachel has dual degrees in biology and psychology, graduating from Hope College in Holland, Michigan. She graduated Summa Cum Laude, focused on biochemistry and was president of Psi Chi (Psychology Honors Society).

Rachel is MANDT Certified, a Transition Team lead, an Abilities Coalition Member, member of the Pikes Peak Interagency Transition Team, and was a committee member of the Senate Bill 18-231 Task Force.

Rachel has extensive experience as a Case Manager, specializing in 15-21 year-olds. She has forged strong relationships with all of the El Paso county school districts, working toward better post-secondary outcomes for people with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities.

She is very engaged in the local community, and currently volunteers with Habitat for Humanity and the Colorado Springs Therapeutic Riding Center.

Samantha Satchell-Smith

Director of Business Development

Sam is working toward her Master’s Degree in Public Administration from the University of Colorado Colorado Springs. She received her undergraduate degree from Ohio State University, where she received Advanced Placement for her Master’s Degree in Social Work.

She was a licensed clinical social worker in the state of Wisconsin, and has completed The Mandt System Training, Mental Health First Aid and Motivational Interviewing Training. She has worked as a Service Coordinator, connecting individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities with services, receiving the Outstanding Resource Coordination Award in 2017.

Samantha has years of experience working closely with young adults who have an intellectual or developmental disability, helping them transition successfully from high school to a career. She has advocated for and headed development of a tool to promote independence and self-determination for families maneuvering the Medicaid Waiver system.