Why Futures?

  • To assist people with cognitive disabilities explore their career interests, find a career, prepare for a career and thrive in a career
  • To address the chronic unemployment issue of people with IDD in the Pikes Peak region
  • To raise the social and economic consciousness of the community around people with different abilities
  • To benefit the local economy and business community, filling much-needed positions, increasing retention rates and returning dollars to the tax base

The Solution

Education: Career counseling, focused curriculum, skill development and enhancement, interview training, workplace accessibility training, workplace inclusiveness training, career advising

Employment: Individualized career support, placement pipelines, apprenticeships, access to competitive work sectors, career advancement

Enrichment: Community assessment, social and economic consciousness raising, workplace inclusiveness training, continuing individual and workplace education

What Your Business Will Receive

We work with our business partners to prepare their workplaces with workplace modifications and employee inclusiveness training, to ensure a successful experience for everyone involved. We’ll also educate your staff about disability etiquette so they have the tools for a successful team environment.

  • Loyal, passionate, eager, skilled employees
  • Co-branding with a ground-breaking local social enterprise
  • Decreased hiring costs
  • A more aware, inclusive, hardworking workforce
  • A more diverse, dynamic, broad-minded workforce
  • A workforce that are more creative problem-solvers
  • The competitive advantage of working with a social enterprise

The FUTURES Process

  1. We learn about your employment needs
  2. We understand the level of skills and experience required
  3. We discuss potential candidates
  4. We facilitate the interview process
  5. We educate and train your staff
  6. We help with the workplace transition
  7. We provide on-site one-on-one support
  8. We keep lines of communication open for further skill development

Marketing Value

  • Logo featured on futurescolorado.com website
  • Social media exposure: Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn
  • Preferred signage at events
  • Link to TRE website which gets 5,000 visitors a month
  • Exposure at VIP Party for FUTURES launch in 1st quarter 2019
  • Premier logo position on client wall at FUTURES headquarters

Impact of a bad hire in Colorado

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